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Company Concept

QCDS Concept:QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service)


Quality is our 1st priority, with a goal of exceeding customer expectations. Poor quality results in bad business for all parties involved. At AGTCN, we foster systems and work environments intended to prevent quality issues. Our team has more than 15 years experience in managing projects from a diverse International market. We supply standard production parts to OEM's and major Tier One suppliers in multiple industries. This is one of AGTCN’s key competitive advantages. Our facilities maintain quality certifications relevant to the industries served.


Cost is an important factor affecting our customer’s competitiveness in their respective markets. In today's global economic situation, businesses are under pressure to drive down costs in order to be more competitive. At AGTCN, our experienced team has comprehensive solutions in order to minimize raw material costs, utilize creative advanced manufacturing processes, carefully manage our logistic costs and eliminate unnecessary waste. AGTCN is a proven valuable supplier partner to manufacturers.

Delivery and Service:

Our method of processing orders differs greatly than how our competitors process your orders. We optimize communications and have developed processes which shorten the time it takes to get your project started. This reduces lead-times. We make adjustments to our internal manufacturing processes upfront in order to match the external shipping schedules and flight times of our logistic partners. This insures your projects shipping time is kept to the absolute industry minimum. Our project managers are available 24 hours a day via multiple communication methods. We have strong capabilities in 3D CAD based communication and provide regular status updates. We can also support our customers by analyzing the design of their new product, review it for moldability if applicable, assist with data conversion and assist in design adjustments. Insuring our customer’s intellectual property is protected is of great importance to us. An NDA will be signed at the very beginning of our relationship.

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