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Our team has proven, responsive, high quality capability to support product development efforts with quick, accurate and complete CAD design services to high quality standards.  Capability for 2D and 3D modeling of diverse product types as well as design for manufacturing consulting services.  This includes conversion of existing 2D drawings to solid models, development of new models from sketches or illustrations, as well as refinement of rough models for final detailing for manufacturing. Capability to work in multiple formats for customer convenience and flexibility.

2D to 3D

Some of our clients possess legacy 2D drawings or CAD, which may have been in service for a number of years but now due to changing requirements they need 3D models of the product.  We have strong capability to support this requirement.  We are able to produce 3D models in a range of 3D formats to suit your needs. Examples include STEP, PRT, IGS. X_T,STL etc.

* We can convert individual drawings or convert your complete library of parts.

* We can update existing stock drawings into a modern 3D format.

* Create a 3D model suitable for 3D printing of prototypes.

* Create a 3D Model file to be imported into a modern CNC machine

* Models suitable for Visualization/Animation/Rendering or FEA.

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