Reverse Engineering

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CAD data for Reverse Engineering Support

Reverse Engineering is a way used to describe the process of electronically re-constructing an existing product accurately, for the purpose of manufacturing more of the same product or modifying it to improve upon its design. Situations where this service is needed include cases when:

1. No drawings are available, only the tooling exists to make the parts.

2. Drawings are very old or no longer match the part actually produced.

3. No drawings available because a supplier no longer exists or is out of business.

4. No drawings were ever created, only a physical prototype was made.

The process involves a physical part being measured (depending on complexity) either by hand measurement tools or laser scanned. From the measured data, a new 3D CAD Model is produced. The 3D CAD Model can then be used for further design work or computer aided manufacturing processes.

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